Of Her

cytotec buy no prescription I am in awe of her
Tenacity incarnate
Love’s definition
Strength’s backbone
For without hesitation
Without expectation
Without a moment’s thought
She chose and proudly proclaimed
That she would be the one to sacrifice
She would be the one to belay
She would happily give of
Life’s most valuable currency – Time
And even though Time could not foretell
But could incessantly remind her, of her dreams
Those that were
And those that could be
She would only smile,
Smile at Time’s years, for they grew on her,
Grew on her family, her children,
Lovely, and handsomely
So much that even Time was in awe
Because even it had been eclipsed
So much so that soon
Altruism sought her for advice
Then proclaimed Her to be the master,
Then Devotion asked to be in Her presence,
And together with Generosity wailed at Her feet,
For they finally understood,
And then Being,
In all of it’s omniscience,
Took Space and Time,
And made them part ways
For they, Individually
Had to observe, respect, and pay homage
To Her undeniable Love
And while She never claimed to be Him – Love,
She is and always has been, Life’s most excellent example
Of Love
Closest and inseparable

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